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Augment your acting career with tips, tactics, and tech! Your host, Doug Fahl, has acted in hundreds of theater, film and commercial productions over the past 35+ years. This channel is focused on helping new actors as well as seasoned performers who want to get advice on a variety of related topics.


Our videos explore a variety of topics including acting techniques, how-to videos on casting, rehearsals, and performances; and advice on how to manage your career for the long haul. Whether you're a stage actor, film actor, singer, dancer, comedian or just a performer on the stage of life, you'll find useful information here.



Doug started performing on stage in high school. He graduated with a BFA in Theater and Music from the University of Utah. Since moving to Seattle, he has appeared in hundreds of stage and screen production over his career. 

Some people might recognize him from his roles in "Zombies of Mass Destruction" (2010), others might know him from various musical theater production in the Seattle area stages.

Doug also works as a director of stage and film and a video producer/editor. He's previously worked in virtual reality and as a designer of 3D models, texture art, lighting, animation and other related design fields. 

Augmented Actor combines Doug's passions for acting, emerging tech, and design into a platform that examines how all these elements can combine to create meaningful new ways to express creativity and storytelling for the future.

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